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The Brand Of Us (TBOU) Smile Keep The Music Going!!!!


New On The Brand Of Us 

More New Music and on Graffiti Mic we playing Hip-Hop Indie Groups,

Like.... Da D.O.R.M. , Pop Out Boyz, D3Lay & Drama B, Tmac5200 ft. Leafward,

LilMar2xs, Peezee & Ari Maunah ft. Maskerade , Jary Da Capo ft. Ben Cold and a lot more.

Plus an  double Flip Flop on Graffiti Mic for the Hip-Hop heads. 

So.... since the Covid-19 is going around we like to keep our listeners, families, & Fans

In Prayer & Love from the one and only;

The Brand Of Us / Graffiti Mic 

Love Djayvoyn & T.I.A.    



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