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Djayvoyn is not new to the game, Born in Hampton, VA and no stranger in northern Florida.

Currently resides back in South Carolina. Once a Hip-Hop artist back in the day with his ambition and determination to make it in music.

Djayvoyn always loves music, but the journey made a turn. And with his musical style, and charisma. Djayvoyn started an Independent Podcast Radio Show along with a beautiful lady co-host T.I.A. and it’s called The Brand of Us.

So he can have other Independent artist to be heard, listen, interview, and just be creative with music.

So click on to our Indie Podcast Radio Show.

 And enjoy the evenings with the topics, indie music, and laughs on the show. And be entertained with Djayvoyn & T.I.A.

With your brand, the new brand, our brand, THE BRAND OF US!!!


T.I.A. *

T.I.A is a Florida native born in Quincy Florida that loves music. She was a member of her middle and high school marching bands were she played the clarinet.

She now resides in South Carolina where she has linked up with Djayvoyn  to form The Brand Of Us podcast radio show.

So chime in to our Indie Podcast Radio Show and enjoy the evenings with indie music, laughs and more on the show and be entertained by T.I.A & Djayvoyn.

With your brand, the new brand, our brand. The Brand Of Us!!!!

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