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Turn On Your Podcast!!!!


Time For Black Music Month!!!!

New Music! New Music! New Music!

On The Brand Of Us (TBOU)

We got Artists....Like kiana LedA@, Jacques, LD, Juluis aka Didiboo, Ashton Martin ft. Nicole, Caleb,

Dawn Maracle, Kamal Howard, Jake Mitchell & Soul Seachers, Tojay Blox,

And for the Hip-Hop heads Tree Da Touch, LilMars 2x ft. Javo Otto, Blizz D, SoRealTha Boss ft. Butterball,

Ben Cold, Mars Noel ft. LG Roc, KingCharlie Prince, Kei Lani Royalty, LD, Ms. Pleasure, Kool Ro Smitty.

And News, Entertainment, Flip Flop, and a lot more!!!! 

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